O-Gah-Pah Learning Center


2023 has been moving quickly! 

OLC has added several new staff since the beginning of the year. OLC employs 29 staff, which gives us only 2 positions open. We are constantly growing and expanding with staff and children. We hope to be at full capacity, which is 130 kids by August 2023. 

We’ve added ProCare Connect which has greatly benefited our center and our families. This gives us in-time updates on children and what they are doing throughout the day, it includes: mealtimes, diaper changes, nap times, as well as pictures and observations to assist with conferences. We can immediately communicate with families through this app and vice versa. 

Some of our goals for the Learning Center is to get to full capacity and educate our staff with formal education. We want our staff to be fulfilled in the career path they have chosen. Pushing our employees to get a Certificate of Mastery in Early Childhood would be a great accomplishment.

Ashleigh and Shelby have both obtained their Directors Credential and are continuing to educate themselves. Being a Director, we need 40 formal training hours a year, so we are constantly learning. Teachers and Support staff need 20 hours of formal training per year. 

We would like to have some Tribal Elders come to the center and read to our kiddos or teach the History and culture of the Quapaw Nation. Having the Native American culture surround us is a blessing, Children learn so much in their early years, but we are needing as much help as we can get in this area. 


The O-Gah-Pah Learning Center (OLC) is tribally licensed, owned, and operated by the Quapaw Nation. The OLC provides childcare for children six weeks to 12 years old. Tribal subsidy accepted.

OLC serves breakfast, lunch, and an afternoon snack. Our qualified staff provides love and learning to every child.


Parent Survey

Parents, please take a moment to fill out the survey below! Your input is vital to identify areas of improvement and to see what you like about the OLC. Turn in your completed survey in person at the OLC offices or email to olc@quapawnation.com

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