Quapaw Nation Fitness Center Equipment

Fitness Equipment

At the Quapaw Nation Fitness Center, we try to stay up to date with the latest fitness trends and exercise machines. Below is the fitness equipment we currently have. Visit us often because we are always adding equipment!

Two Cybex 525 AT arc trainers, two Cybex 525R recumbent bikes, three ybex 525T treadmills, step risers, medicine balls, assorted dumbbells, flat/incline/decline workbench, six strength-resistance components: leg extension/seated leg curl, chest press, low back/abdominal, bicep/tricep, leg/calf press, multi-press, spin bike, stair stepper, NuStep, Boflex Max.

We utilize six Paramount Resistance Training Machines and an Eclipse Functional Trainer. Paramount Resistance Training Machines allows the user to isolate specific muscle groups. An individual can utilize various resistance machines to work out specific muscle groups or use it as part of a circuit training to work the entire body.

The Eclipse Functional Trainer allows the user to perform all the exercises of free weights with the safety of a cable system. Also, the Eclipse Functional Trainer attachments making it ideal for sports training, including golf, tennis, soft/baseball and basketball. The Eclipse Functional Trainer is also ideal for our Senior Members that may have mobility issues.

In addition, we have an exercise room that will be utilized for various exercise classes. Based on availability and membership responses, we are planning to offer Yoga and Zumba. Members are encouraged to bring their own exercise DVDs and utilize the exercise room as a group or individual. Please contact the Quapaw Nation Fitness Center staff to check on the availability of the room.

Row machines, circuit machines and Total Gym are also available to our gym members. Message chair use also comes free with a membership and an infrared sauna is available for an added cost.

We have a certified personal trainer on staff that will work with you so that you feel comfortable working with all the equipment and will develop a specialized workout program that will assist you with meeting your health and fitness goals.