Quapaw Language

Quapaw Language

Our tribe's elders have passed down the Quapaw Language, which is now taught in language classes at the Tribal Museum. These classes are led by Billy Joe Proctor, and we encourage you to check the calendar for upcoming classes.

Quapaw Language DVD

The Speak O-Gah-Pah DVD, which teaches the Quapaw Language and features Ardina Moore, a tribal elder and renowned language teacher, is now available free of cost to all enrolled tribal families.

English to Quapaw Dictionary

Quapaw Audio Lexicon

Here is a list of Quapaw words and sentences translated into English. The audio recordings included in this list were made by Native Quapaw speakers who have since passed away. These individuals grew up speaking Quapaw as their first language and later learned English either as they got older or while attending school. These recordings are intended to supplement the dedicated efforts of our Quapaw Language Program teachers and students.

Historical Written Works on the Quapaw Language

Numerous texts about the Quapaw language have been gathered throughout history, dating back to 1827 and continuing to the present day.

Robert Rankin Dictionary

Robert Rankin performed extensive work with Quapaw language speakers.

He has compiled this work into a vocabulary list or dictionary, one version has been made publicly available by the University of Kansas.

Quapaw Stories

Discover Quapaw stories from the years 1890 to 1894.

Quapaw Reminiscences

Language Class Video

05/18/2022 - Class with Billy Joe Proctor

05/11/2022 - Class with Billy Joe Proctor

05/04/2022 - Class with Billy Joe Proctor