Quapaw Court


The Quapaw Court serves Quapaw Nation members and business entities in civil matters, and criminal adjudication for acts on trust land and business entities by Native Americans.

Court is held in the the Ki-Ho-Ta Building at 58150 E 66 Rd Miami, OK 74354 parking and public entry at the north side of the complex.

Court Dockets

Dockets begin at 10:00 a.m.

Court dates are subject to change. Cultural events and inclement weather may cause court to be canceled or rescheduled.

Fee Schedule


Process Server

Quapaw Nation Resolution 041809-A (PDF)

Download the application to be a Licensing of Private Servers of Legal Process within the Quapaw Nation Jurisdiction (PDF).

Contact Information Update (PDF) - Must be filled out every year by Process Server.

Court Assessment

In mid 2022, a court assessment was conducted to determine the Quapaw Nation's court system. An independent reviewer determined the court's performance including its accessibility, whether court users are provided easy and safe access to the judicial system, and an overall evaluation of the Quapaw Nation Court.

See the full report (PDF).

Feasibility Study

The Quapaw Nation Court contracted with the Tribal Law and Policy (TLPI) Institute to conduct a Domestic Violence Docket Feasibility Study as a requirement through a Grant. It was determined that the Quapaw Nation Court is poised and well-situated to implement a tribal domestic violence docket with minimal additional funding.

See the full report (PDF)