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How Quapaw Princesses are Selected

The Quapaw Tribe selects a Tribal Princess and a PowWow Princess annually as goodwill ambassadors. 

These young ladies are of good standing in thecommunity, dance at powwows, wear a Quapaw Tribal dress during their reign, and are knowledgeable about the Quapaw Tribe.

Quapaw Tribal Princess

The Quapaw Tribal Princess is chosen by nominations from General Council attendees.  The Quapaw Tribal Princess wins by majority vote every year at the Quapaw Tribe General Council on July 4.

To be elected as Tribal Princess, the individual must be nominated at General Council, be at least 14 years of age and receive the highest number of votes.

  • Nominee cannot bear title if they have been or are married; have borne children or co-habitated with a partner before or during term.
  • Successful nominee must be accompanied by a chaperone at all events attended while representing the Quapaw Tribe.
  • Nominee may not be known to smoke, drink or have excessive tattoos or piercings before and during term.
  • Nominee must be Quapaw by blood and enrolled in the Quapaw Tribe.
  • Nominee must maintain a high level of discretion in public areas and maintain a positive image. ALL forms of social media must be managed in this regard, all photos and commentary must be modest.  No bullying or in appropriate content will be tolerated on social media pages.

The Tribal Princess represents the tribe in a number of fashions including tribal functions, local parades, dances and contest powwows hosted by other tribes and organizations when possible.

Quapaw PowWow Princess

The Quapaw PowWow Princess is crowned every year at the Annual Quapaw Tribe PowWow. The PowWow princess is selected by the PowWow Princess Committee.

The PowWow Princess represents the Annual PowWow at local parades, dances and contest powwows hosted by other tribes and organizations, when possible.