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Section 106 Consultation Preferences

The Quapaw Tribe Historic Preservation Office follows the standard procedures and policies for consultation with government agencies to aid in the protection of cultural and historic resources outlined in the National Historic Preservation Act, (NHPA) [16 U.S.C. 470 §§ 470-470w-6] 1966, where undertakings are subject to the review process are referred to in S101 (d)(6)(A), and 36 CFR Part 800 (for reference you may view this CFR here:

The consultation process may change in the event of a agreement document which outlines any mutually agreed upon changes to the standard process. 

The Quapaw Tribe requires that cultural resource survey personnel and reports follow the Secretary of Interior's standards and guidelines.

For additional information regarding the preferences and requirements of the Quapaw Tribe Historic Preservation Office, or the Quapaw Tribe's geographic area of interest please contact the Tribal Historic Preservation Officer at