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Monthly Update
Quapaw Tribe Marshal logo
Josh Lewis
Chief of Quapaw Tribal Marshals

Kim Freeman
Office Manager

116 Devilliers
Picher, OK  74360

Ph: (918) 238-3137
Fx: (918) 673-1469

Office Hours
Monday - Friday
8:00 am - 4:00 pm

I would like to update the tribe on the status of the Quapaw Tribal Marshals for the month of March; we have implemented our School Resource Officer and picked up our Emergency Services Mobile Command Center. We had multiple Officers in training including hosting an Armors course at Downstream Casino. We also participated in the Inaugural Native American Emergency Management Conference.

Our focus for the upcoming months will be on:

  • Continue to train our officers so that they may be the most efficient law enforcement agency in our area.
  • Work on relationships with area law enforcement to obtain a seamless working environment for the betterment of our community.
  • Work on assisting in the establishing the 9 Tribes Multi-Jurisdiction Task Force.
  • Focusing on working with a task force to establish a central dispatch for Ottawa County.

The Quapaw Tribal Marshals Service is the primary law enforcement agency for the Quapaw Tribe of Oklahoma. We are responsible for the safety and security of the Tribe's members and assets.

Our Mission:

  • Provide quality law enforcement, which ensures the protection of each citizen’s rights, lives, and property through:
  • Effective utilization of human and organizational resources for improved cooperation, teamwork, and leadership skill building;
  • Creative motivation of individual employees to increase productivity and continuing development of personal and professional skills;
  • Positive involvement in the affairs of the community for enhanced interpersonal communication;
  • Active participation of all employees in organizational development and processing of information;
  • Responsive interaction with all criminal justice agencies for an increased exchange of information and growth of nationwide networks;
  • Innovative application of available technology for crime prevention, detection, reporting, apprehension and incarceration of criminals;
  • Objective analysis of planned activities for achieving targeted objectives (assuring proper expenditure of limited funding resources).

Emergency Response
The Quapaw Tribal Marshals are dispatched through the 911 system. If you are in need of emergency assistance please dial 911.

Non-Emergency Assistance
The Marshal office is not open after 4:00PM please contact the Ottawa County Sheriffs Department at 918-542-2806 to request assistance from a Quapaw Tribal Marshal if you are in need of assistance and it is not a life-threatening situation.

Photo Album
Here are some photos taken recently of our Marshals at work.