Tag Forms & Application Process

Required for Registration

The Quapaw Nation Motor Vehicle Title and Registration Department requires the following for new tags and registration:

  • Original title signed over to you, notarized when applicable
  • Verification of Insurance
  • Copy of Tribal Enrollment Card
  • Oklahoma Drivers License
  • Vehicle Title with all purchasers and sellers information filled out and notarized - no copies accepted.

Note: When applying for a new tag, all documentation must be complete or paperwork and payment will be returned to the Tribal member.


To renew a vehicle you must either send proof of insurance or the Black Tag Affidavit form must be completed and notarized. A Black Tag Affidavit form states that you are not driving this vehicle. You will not receive decals and you will not accrue penalties on your registration.

Effective January 28th of 2014, you are required to submit:

  • Copy of your current Oklahoma proof of insurance
  • Copy of Oklahoma Driver's License
  • Copy of Tribal Enrollment Card

Your renewal will not be processed if the items are not submitted.