Grant Department


The Quapaw Nation Grant Department researches and writes grant proposals for funding for the Quapaw Nation. Because grants require complex and in-depth information within their application process, the grant writer must understand the program, its financial details, and where to find appropriate funding. In today’s grant writing environment, a successful proposal must match the requirements of the grant with the needs of the department submitting the application.

Attention Tribal Members

The Quapaw Nation is often encouraged and sometimes required to hold citizen participation meetings for many of its grant programs.

Many thanks to all those members who participated in the August 26th meeting for the Low Income Home Energy Assistance Program (LIHEAP) and Community Services Block Grant (CSBG). Your contribution and comments were greatly appreciated. The Grants Department submitted the applications and we are awaiting notice from LIHEAP and CSBG if we were successful.

The Quapaw Nation Grants office chaired an Indian Community Development Block Grant Program (ICDBG) public hearing on 13 October at 5:00 pm, at the Wyandotte City Hall. Notice of the meeting was previously published on this webpage and the home page of the Quapaw Nation as well as at the Wyandotte Nation’s administrative complex. Please click on the link to view the notice.

The meeting was well attended including the Wyandotte mayor, uniformed fire & EMS staff, Quapaw organizational members and Quapaw Tribal members, and a member of the Quapaw Business Committee. The Grants office director explained the basics of an ICDBG grant and opened the meeting to the attendees to propose other tribal community development projects. No eligible projects were suggested and by a unanimous show of hands, it was agreed that a new Fire and EMS station was the best option for an ICDBG application for Fiscal Year 2021.

 There was a handout given explaining the basics of the ICDBG application process. Also included in that handout were some statistics showing Fire & EMS calls for the existing Quapaw Fire & EMS station in Wyandotte over a 12-month period and a map of the various Tribal Nations who are served by our dedicated Quapaw Public Safety teams. Please click on the link to view the handout

A copy of the draft proposal is available for review and comment. Please contact the grant writer for information.