Title VI Events


2015 KC Museum 
Enjoy the photos taken at the KC museum! There are so many beautiful displays.
 2014 Elder's Banquet
Enjoy these photos taken at the Title VI Elder's Banquet!
 2014 Elder's Halloween Party

Enjoy the pictures taken at this year' Halloween Party!

2014 Diabetes Health Screen
Here are the photos taken at the Diabetes Health Screen.

2014 Elder's Picnic
Here are some photos taken at the Elder's Picnic!

2014 Elder's Olympics
Here are the photos taken at this year's Elder's Olympics. Enjoy!

Four Tribes Food Drive
In late February, the Title VI Department, headed by Rhonda Weaver, participated in another food drive with the Wyandotte, Eastern Shawnee and Ottawa Tribes. Here are photos taken at the event.

2014 Sock Hop
Everyone had a blast at the Sock Hop! Enjoy the pictures!