Cell Tower Consultation Procedures

If you have received a response from the FCC which included the Quapaw Nation this indicates our interest in consultation regarding your tower project.

Please remember to clearly indicate the TCNS number the FCC has supplied you to identify your project on all correspondence with the Quapaw Nation Historic Preservation Program. Lack of a clear identifiable TCNS number on all communication will result in delaying our response. This is the responsibility of the review requestor.

Please include the following in your communication to the Quapaw Tribe:

  • Contact information in the form of an email address and phone number which the Quapaw Nation may use to communicate with you regarding this project.
  • TCNS Number
  • Research fee in the form of $500 effective October 1st, 2014
  • State Historic Preservation Office or Office of State Archaeology; when such an office clears projects separately, letter providing final comments on the project.
  • Archaeological report when applicable
    • Please include
      • At least 2 different photos of the site
      • Historic archive findings
      • Soils description and shovel test findings, or an explanation of why shovel tests were not performed.
      • Map indicating site location at a local scale (local being defined as a scale that logically shows the site location in relevance to nearby features) and at a state or nationwide scale.
    • If possible, please do not include
      • Architectural drawings or resumes.

Please email all correspondence to Cell Phone Response

Please send research fee or any other document that needs to be mailed to:

  • Note: please make all checks payable to "Quapaw Nation"

Please mail all correspondence to:

Attn: Everett Bandy, QNHPP Director

P.O. Box 765

Quapaw, OK, 74363

Or if necessary to the physical address of:

Quapaw Nation

Attn: Everett Bandy, QNHPP Director

5681 S 630 Road

Quapaw, OK, 74363