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Effective January 2019, renewal payments for the Quapaw Nation Court Bar Association will be due by January 31. In December, your office will be mailed a letter with an updated contact information sheet for the Quapaw Nation Court Bar Association with a docket list for the upcoming year. Once you have completed and returned the information sheet a new bar association card will be mailed out to you each year.

If you have questions please feel free to contact the Quapaw Nation Court, Court Clerk’s office at 918-542-1853, ext. 0234.

All renewal fees are due by January 31 of each year. A reminder letter will be mailed on the first of December every year.

If renewal fees are past due, there will be a $25 late fee added to the $30 renewal fee.

If renewal fees with a late fee are not paid from February 1 to December 31, the attorney will have to reapply to the Quapaw Nation Court Bar Association the following year.

Pro Hac Vice fee is $25 per case filing. Make all money orders or checks payable to the Quapaw Nation Court Bar Association.

Apply for membership in the Quapaw Nation Court’s Bar Association (PDF).

Learn how to update your contact information (PDF).

Oaths & Ordinances for Attorneys

Quapaw Nation Resolution 032115-A (PDF): Attorney Rules of Professional Conduct

Quapaw Nation Resolution 032115-B (PDF): Regulating the Practice of Law in the Quapaw Tribal Court

Bar Membership List

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