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Posted on: May 3, 2023

Quapaw Nation - Business Committee: Veto on Senate Bill 429 Proves Governor Stitt doesn’t care about

Quapaw Nation - Business Committee: Veto on Senate Bill 429 Proves Governor Stitt doesn’t care about Oklahoma Tribal Culture.

Quapaw, Oklahoma (May 3, 2023) – This is one more example of Governor Stitt's continuing and unrelenting attack on Sovereignty.

A shining example of this administration's policy of providing a solution in which there isn't an issue. In providing the solution he is leaving tribal members in Oklahoma open to cultural and religious persecution.

The Governor’s continuing attack on the 39 tribes in Oklahoma began with compact issues, and when it became clear the Sovereign Nations would continue to stand in solidarity, his target became McGirt, then issues of Tribal tags and holding a revenue creating matter of sports book hostage, something that would not only improve the lives of Tribal members through social services but would benefit the state's education budget. NOW, the latest betrayal of trust to not only every Tribal Member but every Oklahoman. The Governor will continue to disrespect the values and culture of the tribes as his track record has shown, continuing to challenge McGirt, and continue to weaken the foundation of sovereignty through Oklahoma v Castro Huerta. It is now clear more than ever the Governor’s game plan of creating friction and rhetoric is a smokescreen to the real agenda to undermine tribes and create issues where there are none to fit his narrative.

The Governor’s Veto on Senate Bill 429, despite overwhelming support in the Oklahoma House and Senate, not only undermines Indigenous Tribal members that reside in Oklahoma but EVERY resident of Oklahoma regardless of creed, background or culture. Ironically, this attack on Tribal culture also fundamentally goes against the values of religious freedom this country was founded upon. Much of this country’s prominence has been achieved from the foundation of Tribal nations. Now this personal attack targets the protection of the rights of all Oklahoman’s cultural and religious backgrounds. One can only draw the conclusion at the end of the day, Governor Kevin Stitt doesn't care about our Oklahoma Tribal culture.

The Quapaw Nation stands with The Oklahoma Council for Indian Education, United Indian Nations of Oklahoma, National Indian Education Association, TEDNA, and Matriarch that have collectively called upon the Oklahoma legislature for a veto override on this popular and bipartisan bill. We must not let partisan dissention get in the way of protecting the religious and cultural rights of our students. We encourage everyone to go to to find your representative and let them know this attack on Sovereignty and Culture will not be tolerated.

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